Deep Rest Pelvic Floor-Love

Time for sense awareness, turning towards and exploring your pelvic space and pelvic floor.

Are you ready to engage with your deepest depths? Even if you don’t know what you’ll find there?

This afternoon we slow down and dive into an intuitive practice with healing potential for your womb space. Very slowly, with much patience and mindfulness, held by loving, sensitive and supportive companionship, you can turn to your three pelvic floor layers. We will dive into deep letting go and surrendering to the earth, rooting ourselves more and more, so that you can (re)discover your own root power and experience how your body finds its way into lightness and spontaneity in dialogue with the pelvic floor, breath and earth. The way to our pelvic floor and pelvic floor power is through relaxation and letting go.

A very gentle practice for acceptance, self-love and security.

You are welcome exactly as you are! With or without previous experience, simply with your so-being, because that is exactly how you are right!

For questions and registration :

The course takes place live in Lebensgarten and on Zoom and on Dana (you pay an appreciation fee if you can). Please read the following Dana-notes carefully, thank you. HERE!

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15:00 - 17:45





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