Deep Rest Silent Meditation Retreat 15.-17.12.2023

Deep Rest Meditation – Three days silent retreat in the Buddhist tradition – meditation while lying down.

December 15-17, 2023 in the beautiful Togenji temple in the forest at the ecovillage “Lebensgarten Steyerberg”.

A wonderful place in the middle of the forest, a temple with huge glass windows, nature that supports and carries us and in which we can walk, stand, lie down and sit.

Practicing Buddhist insight meditation enables us to perceive what is alive in us when our ordinary thinking, brooding and “still-having-to-do” comes to rest.
Lying on the earth, the slowing down and cautiousness we invite, the noble silence and clear meditation instructions, which always and especially include the body, support you in arriving at yourself. You will be provided with different approaches of different traditions that can support your nervous system and bring you in contact with what is essential.

In the deep silence, the turning to your body sense consciousness, the close “being with you” and the deep resting of the body on the body of the earth, a space of unimagined vastness and consciousness can open up, in which we find qualities of freedom, compassion and unconditional love.

In doing so, you are invited to be there exactly as you are. The spiritual practice is not a linear path, but it may be explicitly followed even when you are not close to yourself or feel lost and insecure. The art of self-regulation is a prerequisite for participation in this retreat.

Assuming that there is a wise, intuitive power in all of us that knows what is good for us, there will be space for your very own impulses in addition to a very clear structure.

Held in a loving, present atmosphere, we will spend the entire day in silence. There will be vegan whole-food organic cooking for you and there will be a trusting one-to-one space for your questions and issues if needed. Registration for UVP is available directly at the temple, more information to come.

More information about Nirmala and her way of combining meditation with methods of body-oriented psychotherapy (orgodynamics) and contemplative practices can be found on her website:

The service is offered on Dana as is customary in the Buddhist tradition. Please read this article for more information.

For registration and administration there is a registration fee of 35 Euro, which will be kept even in case of cancellation. The account number for this is at the Sparkasse Nienburg to the account of Nirmala Katrin Werner IBAN DE57 2565 0106 0036 2990 55.

                                                          Meditation in the Togenji-Tempel in the forest of Steyerberg


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