Living your dream & facing reality – A practise day

In the famous  story “Momo and the time-thieves” Michael Ende referred a bit to our current situation in life. We as human beings think a lot about “not having enough time”, “not being able to do what I really want to do with this life”. But what is this? What do I want to develop and what do I want to realize in this life? 

Due to the current situation on the planet a lot of us are facing loneliness, isolation and are confronted with what seems like massive changes in life circumstances. Meanwhile a lot of us are experiencing an inner call, a longing, a pull in the direction of freedom – no matter what the circumstances are. Freedom from our habits, our grief and maybe even our lifesituation and outer circumstances. 

In this day of practise we use different tools of embodied mindfulness, movement and contemplation practises to explore in and with our body where we are in life, where we want to go and what does support us on our way. In the context of Buddhist wisdom we let ourself sink into the question and exploration of “what is really true? And what matters for me? How can I live my life skilfully and fulfilling to be fully alive in this ever changing world and body?”

Saturday, 14th of November, 2 pm-5 pm – on Dana (give what feels right for you)

Registrationfee: 8 Euros

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