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Meditation through deep relaxation

A gentle, heart-opening combination of traditional Buddhist insight meditation (Vipassana) and deep relaxation of the body and soul while lying on the earth.

The weekly meditation classes as well as the multi-day silent and walking retreats are an invitation to unearth the treasures of the Dharma. An opportunity to be close to yourself, to surrender to the earth and listen to her whisper: “Let go. Let your pain, all that which you’re carrying, your sorrow, and all that is heavy fall into my lap.” In the immeasurable vastness we can encounter our natural wisdom, our tenderness unfolds. The unconditional acceptance of the earth teaches us to accept ourselves as we are. Giving up all our grasping, looking at our conditioning and patterns in the infinite space of consciousness, gives us the possibility to realize that we don’t have to be anyone other than who we are.

Meditation is an attempt to create space in our minds so our monsters can become our friends.
And when they have become our friends it makes no difference whether they are there or not.
– Godwin Samararatne

The silent practice of mindfulness opens us and gives us confidence to encounter life with all its facets. The deep peace we experience in lying down and really letting go gives strength and regenerates us on a deep level.

My annual stays in Asia since 1996 have led me from strict meditation retreats with long sitting (Goenka) and daily 16-hour alternating sitting and walking (U Sayadaw Mahasi) to the Nilambe Meditation Centre, where I practiced silently for a year, to Vipassana retreats in Bodhgaya. The Deep Rest Meditation of Jaya Ashmore and Gemma Polo have melted away my “I must persevere and be good enough” mindset and taught me to lovingly accept who I am. In 2019, I was authorized by Christopher Titmuss, from whom I have been learning for 15 years, to teach dharma and meditation retreats.

The meditation classes and retreats will be held in silence, There will be guided meditations, Dharma talks, and space for questions and answers. Mindful yoga and one-on-one consultation opportunities are also offered.

All meditation offerings are based on Dana/Donation, as is customary in the Buddhist tradition.

Meditation is nothing special.
It`s just being open to ordinary things.
– Godwin Samararatne

The birds have vanished into the sky, and now the last cloud drains away.
We sit together, the mountain and me, until only the mountain remains.

– Li Po


Love yourself,
then forget it,
then love the world.
Mary Oliver

The practice of selfless giving

Generosity – in Sanskrit, dana – is an important part of our spiritual practice. Traditions say that dana is a basic requirement for spiritual understanding and growth.

Passing on essential teachings – such as those of the Buddha or other great masters – is a matter of the heart. These teachings have been passed down through generations without expectation of reciprocation. In the spirit of this ancient tradition, the retreats of “Soulteachings” are also offered on Dana.

Dana goes far beyond giving money. Sharing, helping and supporting are qualities of the heart that we also nurture when we listen to someone or give sympathy. Dana blossoms when we are satisfied with what we have. Giving opens our heart, makes it wide and promotes mutual connection. Dana is an invitation to let go. Not only from material goods but also from the search for sense gratification, from views and opinions, and from the deeply rooted idea of an ego.

Dana supports us to let gratitude arise and to express it. Born into this world without wealth, we will eventually leave it empty-handed. Reflecting on this, we can already practice giving and letting go.

Cultivating generosity is a gradual process. The practice should be done in accordance with our capacities and abilities. Here everyone is asked to listen to their own heart. Joy during giving and afterwards is a valuable aspect of the practice.

I offer a large part of my courses on a donation basis (Dana). I am very happy about support and financial appreciation for my work! This enables me to offer yoga, mindfulness and meditation also in places where the financial circumstances would not allow it otherwise.

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If you knew what I do about the power of giving,

you would not let a single meal go by without taking the opportunity to give.

– Buddha

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