Yoga & Deep Relaxation

Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways
to kneel and kiss the ground.

– Rumi

My Yoga

My yoga is not so much a style, but a deep, compassionate, space-giving journey through the body into life. Soulteaching~Yoga is a path of awakening. A deep recognition of the wonderful being that you already are.

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Soulteaching-Yoga is a way of “accepting yourself” with everything that makes you, you: with your light and with your shadow. Yoga is meditation in motion. When you are ready for opening up and curious about what is happening, when you become aware of yourself and let go – through stillness, mindfulness, contact, and loving attention to your breath and body – then yoga can become a path of freedom.

The current of my almost 20-year yoga journey has washed
me upon a shore of letting go. Letting go of concepts, notions, and ideas. Gently, with much love and presence, I teach an intuitive yoga where you can turn to your body at your own pace, and where you have time to listen to your body’s wisdom and follow your own impulses. We bring relaxation into every moment and into all postures so that we move in a dance between tension and relaxation. Deep relaxation at the end of each yoga session is an essential part of the class.

Yoga is an invitation to be close to yourself, to feel yourself, and to accept and love yourself with all that you discover.

It is a yes! to life, to the earth, and to you and your body.

To love oneself is the beginning of

a long-life romance.

– Oscar Wilde

Yin Yoga

Touching the soul through the body

Deep relaxation through fascia stretching

Yin Yoga is a particularly gentle way to free your body from everyday ailments and mental stress. It is a style of practice that teaches you to let go of everything.

In Yin Yoga, the exercises are performed passively and without force with the help of blankets and pillows. The postures are held much longer than in the active yoga styles. The main point is to relax into the positions and let the breath flow freely. Usually while lying or sitting, long stretches reach the fascia tissue and release deeper tension in the organs and muscles. With care and mindfulness of your body and your own rhythm, you learn to accept emerging feelings, creating space for self-acceptance and inner peace.

Yin Yoga brings our life energy into flow.

Yin Yoga has a positive effect on organ function.

Yin Yoga improves mobility in the muscles, fascia, and joints, and addresses the entire connective tissue.

It can release adhesions, tension, and blockages in the fascia, and in this way relieve pain.

The Yin positions stimulate the metabolism and have a detoxifying effect.

Yin yoga practice is calming, reduces stress, and puts us in contact with deep-seated emotions.

Yin Yoga is a gift for people of all ages and constitutions!

We sometimes walk around with our hands tightly clenched, without knowing it.

Hands balled into fists we wonder why am I not at ease?

Letting go is a movement akin to a flock of birds leaving the dark of the trees.

– Jess Huon

Root Strength Pelvic Floor

Meet your femininity in a gentle and compassionate way

You asked for a rose. Do not run away from the thorns.

You asked for the beloved. Do not run away from yourself.

– Rumi

Business Yoga

Yoga as health management

In our society, the focus is increasingly spent on speed and staying powerful. People are supposed to function as efficiently as possible from morning until night. More and more people have cut themselves off from their body and are perhaps even in constant battle with it, so they no longer perceive their feelings. A certain ideal is therefore emulated and we strive to be different than we actually are.

Many companies now consider it important to take care of their employees and offer them a health program that supports each individual and thus the entire company.

In business yoga, I offer holistic practice sessions that are specifically geared toward relieving the stresses of modern working life, such as long periods of sitting or standing and ever-increasing work speeds. A special sustainability develops from the exercises I lead resulting from my preventive focus.

The exercises are adapted to the time and spatial conditions of the workplace, but they can also take place in my rooms. I will be happy to advise you on site and together we will see which course concept (sitting, at the conference table, or lying down, etc.) suits you best.

Practicing Yoga is like being on a body holiday.

– Vanda Scaravelli

Deep Rest Yoga

Freeing the spine

Yoga should not be practiced to control the body. On the contrary.

It should give the body freedom – all the freedom it needs.

– Vanda Scaravelli

Slow Yoga

Slow Yoga – gentle and calm

Slow Yoga is a gentle yoga to reach one’s inner harmony through body awareness, voice, and breath. Slow postures with flowing and single movements are practiced. This course is an offer for people in the second half of life, for people with movement restrictions, or if you just like it a little more slow and calm. (even if you are perhaps only 20).

This class is also good for beginners. The yoga exercises strengthen the body in a very gentle way and take into account the various changes that come with getting older.

One course lasts 90 minutes and consists of active and quiet phases. At the end of each class there is a deep relaxation period which has very positive effects, especially for people with sleep problems. Older people with health problems are also welcome and will benefit from the yoga exercises.

We must let go of the life we planned in order to live the one that’s waiting for us.

– Joseph Campbell

Yoga Dance

Sinking into silence through liveliness

There is a voice that does not use words.

Listen to it.

– Rumi

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