Deep Rest Meditation – Embodied Meditation 17.30-18.45

Embodied Meditation & Deep Rest

In this weekly meditation and relaxation offering, you can learn about Buddhist insight meditation. To dissolve our habitual holding patterns I invite you to try “Deep resting of the body on the body of the earth” as a form of meditation, where you are free to practice standing, sitting and walking as well.

Accompanying the meditation sessions are very gentle movement suggestions to regulate your nervous system. I will share wisdom from the teachings of the Buddha (and other spiritual traditions), there will be space for poetry and your own questions and issues.

You are invited to be there with what you bring, to be there with your light and your shadow.

The course takes place continuously as far as there is interest and it is possible to participate via Zoom.

I give my offers with much joy, abundance, generosity and love and live from it. I ask you to generously support this work within your means, so that the Buddhadharma can reach further into the world.

For information about Dana, please also read this article.

I am very happy to have your presence. Previous experience is not necessary, please sign up via this email:

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17:00 - 18:45





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